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Windows are like the eyes of your home. They come in different sizes, styles and colors.Install the right windows and you could make your house look bigger. Quality windows could also improve your mood, help you to enjoy deeper sleep and inspire you to be more alert during the day, especially if you work out of a home office.

Beautiful window options that make your house look bigger

A low cost option that gives your rooms a larger look and feel are windows with thin or only a single pane. These types of windows may go from the ceiling to the floor. They also come in short, long designs. If you doubt that these windows can make a room appear larger, visit a business.

Many large companies have only one large pane. Museums are another facility with windows with thin or single glass panes. Notice how large the room feels. These windows can also make your house look bigger.

  • Bay windows (These windows not only make your house look bigger, they also add personality to your house, from the inside and out).
  • Forget dark, heavy drapes (The more well lit your house is, the larger the interior of your house may appear. Great natural light streaming into your house also lifts your mood.)
  • Tall, clear windows (Again, opt for thin or single pane windows. Tall, clear windows work whether they are glass or plexi-glass.)
  • Decorate horizontal edges of window panes with a line of beige, tan, light green or another pastel color
  • Install windows so that you can look out at your yard
  • Put your widescreen television close to a window,just make sure that there is no glare
  • Install windows near cathedral ceilings. Wide windows work well near cathedral ceilings.
  • Place your sofa near a window (The more outdoors you bring into your home, even it's only by putting great outdoor landscapes within each reach of your windows, the larger your house may feel.)
  • Windows in the ceiling (Don't stop with installing regular windows. Install windows in your ceiling too.)
  • Long mirrors (Intersperse long mirrors between windows. It also works to place long mirrors next to glass shower doors.)
  • Exterior wood shutters (can make your house look smaller, especially if the shutter doors don’t open fully)
  • Efficient, insulated windows help lower utility bills

Neutral colors on your house walls work like light colored drapes. They offer a brighter, more vibrant look and feel to a room. Lighter, neutral colors can also make a room appear larger. When you combine colors and window treatment textures with window sizes, shapes and designs, you can enjoy greater benefits of your work. You might even decide that your current house does, in fact, meet all of your space needs. Removing clutter from your house is another easy fix to a larger house. So too is getting and staying organized.